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COVID-19: Toronto faces a pandemic.


For this project I decided to show my take on the new reality millions of Canadians and the entire population of the world are facing: a global pandemic. This series examines a time where the world has come to a standstill, life as we know it, has been paused in place because of the looming COVID-19 virus. But as with all world events, this too shall pass, and all that will be left are the memories, in a century from now when history majors study this event, as we now study the 1918 Spanish flu, which occurred over 100 years ago, people will be reminded of the severity of the current situation.

Specifically looking at the impact on Toronto, I was able to create photographs that represent the social isolation and bare locations that only a few weeks prior would have been bustling with workers, pedestrians and tourists. In the face of this shutdown, only the essential workers are present, they walk the fine line of staying safe and going to work to feed themselves. Catching this dichotomy and presenting an image of people not so lucky to stay at home safely is as clear as can be when our lives are thrown into an extreme survival situation.

Many news publications cover the dire situation and its effect in a statistical manner, with clear documentation of its effects and how it will play out in the world, using this style of informing I captured the sights and settings common to Torontonians during the pandemic and present it in a documentary style with an artistic focus. Presenting this reality for those at home and those who will look back at this time.

April 21, 2020

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